Why Should You Choose Back to Wellness Center?

There are several reasons our patients choose Back to Wellness Center. The bottom line is that our programs make them happier and more productive at work. Investing in one of our treatment programs will bring down expenses in return as they can perform better causing a positive impact on their career.

Why should you take advantage of our wellness programs?Back to wellness center

Each person has his/her own health risk. That risk may be the result of an unhealthy eating, drinking, smoking, the lack of exercise and several others. Our programs will make a positive change to your life. You can easily complete your job responsibilities and you still have more energy when you get home to play with your kids or socialize with your family and friends.

Back to Wellness Center has a different wellness program that aim to help our patients in getting healthier. They’ll learn how to reduce their stress and alleviate muscle strain. We have our resident chiropractor, Dr. Doran Hendelman, to handle all your chiropractic needs. He strives to resolve the root cause of your medical condition and aims to completely heal it.

In addition to Dr. Hendelman, we have another chiropractor in our team – Dr. Dale Fernandez. His treatment plans involve individualized patient care.

Losing weight is also a big concern these days because of the associated risk of obesity. At Back to Wellness Center, our nutritionist, Dr. Melina Jampolis, specializes in nutrition to help you lose weight, prevent diseases and treat your medical condition. She’s one of the few board certified physician nutrition specialists in the US.

Physical Therapy and Acupuncture

Our physical therapist, Milana Waksman, R.P.T, will help improve your mobility and motion. A pain-free movement is critical to your daily life. By undergoing PT treatment with us, you can avoid surgery or the use of prescription drugs to treat your medical condition.Back to wellness center

We also have our licensed acupuncturist, Gerald Mason, as part of our healthcare team. He has wide experience in infectious disease control, healthful lifestyle modification, and prevention of substance abuse. In every treatment plan that he recommends, he incorporates a holistic approach. He also treats underlying issues that may prevent yourself from achieving an optimal health.

All programs at Back to Wellness Center are offered to assist you in achieving optimum well-being. We can provide you with one-on-one health coaching, weight management, personal training and group fitness classes, among others.

Learn more about the available treatments for you at Back to Wellness Center by calling us at 818-985-2559.