Efficient & Effective Business Wholesale

At NLAS wholesale is our business. We provide the knowledge, leads, resources and contact information your company needs to execute sales and move large amounts of merchandise. Under our Management you can rest assured that you will receive Swift & Accurate payment, manifestation, shipping, customer support, concierge and service altogether. From stock lots to finished goods, precious metals and scrap steel our reach is broad and extensive. We are diligently creating new partners and business relationships everyday so challenge us to meet your needs! – our Marketing and Sales professionals are waiting anxiously to rise to the occasion!

Sourcing Services

Having trouble finding stock that fits into your production budget? We regularly source hard to find materials at a fraction of wholesale prices. Contact Us with your inquiry and see how easy it is to save and make money with NLAS!

penSell Your Merchandise

Many companies experience a surplus of some product, whether it’s clothing, electronics, equipment or paper. The wholesale and off price business can be a tricky one, and that’s where we come in. Our highly trained Merchandise Handlers can perform shelf/warehouse pulls and pack/inventory your entire surplus. While our Sales-force works quietly behind the seen moving a massive amount of merchandise out and a comparable amount of revenue back into your bank account!

Contact us today to see what our services can generate for you.