What to Do With Car Accident Shoulder Pain

After a car accident shoulder pain can be a real problem. Maybe you just felt like you “dinged” your shoulder a bit, and it shouldn’t hurt that much. But, somehow, for some reason, long after the accident, your shoulder still aches. That’s a problem, because you use your shoulder for so much. It’s hard to get through a day, much less a workday, without using your shoulder. Of course, any attempt to help it only leads to a flare up of pain. There is hope, however. Here at the Back to Wellness Center, we can help heal your shoulder pain so that you can get back to your life.

Car Accident Shoulder Pain Relief

Right after a car accident shoulder pain may not immediately appear. Often, someone who’s been in a car accident won’t have gotten hit with the worst of their injuries immediately. Over time, though, after a week or two or even longer, the pain from the injury can come in and really cause a problem. You’ll know when you struggle to hold items, even lighter ones. You might also notice that your shoulder hurts quite a bit even when you aren’t using it for anything. If this goes on for longer than 72 hours, it’s probably time to come visit us at the Back to Wellness Center.

car accident shoulder pain

How to Treat Whiplash Shoulder Injuries

One of the best ways to deal with car accident shoulder pain is through professional chiropractic care. We have several experienced, trained chiropractors on site that can give you a thorough diagnosis, and then figure out the exact right adjustments to help you alleviate those shoulder aches that you’ve been dealing with. Every car accident and person who’s gone through a car accident is different. So, they can’t be treated in exactly the same way. However, our experienced chiropractors know how to treat someone in your position, and can tailor their treatment specifically to you.

Uber Accident Treatment and More

The first thing one of our chiropractic pros might do for your shoulder is to examine if your shoulder pain is related to your neck. After that, they can make a clearer determination. No matter what’s causing your shoulder pain, however, there’s a therapy treatment we offer that can alleviate it. For example, in addition to chiropractic care, we also offer massage therapies, pilates, and intense physical therapy that can help you to get back into your life again, on your terms.

Car Accident Injury Treatment

Once we’ve completed our therapies, we don’t just kick you out. We check up on you, and offer continued treatment suggestions and more. For example, with car accident shoulder pain, you should blend ice packs with occasionally putting high temperatures on it. We also have lengthy lists of fortifying activities and more that can make your body stronger and better equipped to deal with what’s ahead. To learn more, call us at (818)985-2559 and we’ll figure out a method to heal you. Or, alternately, you can go to our site.