What is Spinal Manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is an alternative solution to alleviate a backache and headaches. Also known as “cracking your back,” spinal manipulation is a manual therapy that involves moving and jolting your joints. It’s specifically designed to relieve any pressure on your joints, reduce inflammation and enhance your nerve function. It’s also used to treat neck, shoulder, and headache. For women, it’s applied to relieve menstrual pain and any type of sinus problems.Spinal Manipulation

Before, this type of treatment was only used as part of a traditional Asian medicine. Today, however, it has fast becoming an essential aspect of Western medicine. This treatment is performed by osteopathic physicians and chiropractors.

At Back to Wellness Center, spinal manipulation isn’t only done by our chiropractors but our certified physical and occupational therapists performed it, too.

Does it work?

Its effectiveness has been proven to be moderately effective in relieving chronic back pain. The effects will last for weeks. It’s also effective in easing neck pain.

As regards to its safety, this treatment is safe as long as it’s performed by a certified chiropractor or a licensed physical therapist. Our resident chiropractors will assess your condition first before recommending a spinal manipulation. Patients with high stroke risk and spinal cancer may not undergo this treatment option.

 Spinal Manipulation


There are several known benefits of this treatment. But the most obvious is a relief to any type of pain. If you’re experiencing pain in your back, neck, head, and shoulders, then this option is an ideal instant reliever. Our patients reported to be free of their chronic pain in as little as one visit to our chiropractor.

Your flexibility is also improved through this option. We usually recommend to pair it with exercise to strengthen your core muscles and enhance improve in your shoulders, neck, and back.

Most of our patients are referred by their doctors if all options to stop their pain have been explored without success. This is especially true for patients who didn’t want to go under the knife as their symptoms have been reduced or eliminated, so there’s no need for them to undergo a surgery. In other words, spinal manipulation can be performed as a better alternative to surgery.

Another great benefit of this treatment option is the reduction of drug dependence. Since your pain will be greatly reduced, you no longer need to take prescription pain pills. Once your chronic pain stops, you’ll feel better again as you don’t have to take medicines.

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