What Can Be Cured with Chiropractic?

Most patients who visit our Back to Wellness Clinic in California frequently ask us “what can be cured with chiropractic?” We always reply with “a lot.”

Our licensed chiropractors can help diagnose and treat various spinal disorders. But they don’t just look at you and make a diagnosis. Instead, they perform a thorough examination involving physical and neurological tests to help them come up with an accurate diagnosis.

Listed below are some of the medical conditions that can be treated successfully with the use of chiropractic.


Cervicogenic Headaches

They’re often times mistaken for migraines. However, this type of headache is referred as neck pain. It may be the result of cervical osteoarthritis, a whiplash or a damaged disc.


It’s a pain that starts at the spine’s tailbone. People who suffer from it are the ones who frequently ride a bike for several hours. The pain could get worse when they sit.

Herniated Disc

This involves the neck and the lower back.

Myofascial Pain

This is a chronic pain disorder that affects sensitive points of your muscles causing deep, throbbing pain.


This is a common injury when you got involved in a motor accident that’s rear-ended. Your head and neck are whipped in a quick motion that could lead to severe sprain and strain.

To know more about the treatments that can be cured through chiropractic, please visit our Back to Wellness clinic. Our chiropractors are ready to discuss with you about this treatment option and how you can benefit from it.

Are There Risks of Chiropractic Option?

The manipulation of your spine is considered as a safe effective treatment to cure your lower back pain. However, it must only be done by a trained, licensed chiropractor to make sure that the procedure is carried out properly.

Before you can undergo chiropractic session, we’ll refer you to our resident medical doctors. This is to determine whether or not you can benefit from this treatment option.

We don’t recommend this option if you’re taking blood-thinning medicines. And if you have cancer or history of a life-threatening condition, it’s best to obtain clearance from your doctor first before you undergo chiropractic session.

Our chiropractors will make a thorough medical history before they perform chiropractic procedures.

The chiropractic services of Back to Wellness Center are integrated with other massage therapies to maximize their benefits.

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