What Are Pilates?

Pilates as a work out focuses on the core areas of your body like: abdomen, outer and inner thighs, lower back, butt and oblique’s. Pilates helps you develop strength, balance, flexibility, co-ordination and good posture- with much lower chance of getting hurt than other work outs. This is because Pilates focuses on the correct form rather than just burning out. Pilates as a workout has various levels and variations, it can be very engaging.


What are Pilates

With Pilates, you will be required to use your entire body at the rate of one muscle at a time. It requires a lot of concentration to focus on the right moves unlike mechanical working out session at the gym. For every move of Pilates that you mastered, there is going to be an advanced variation that will push you further.

Take for example the move of rolling an exercise ball: It requires you to balance your rear end on the ball, roll backwards and again roll back to your original position. This move puts a lot of emphasis on balance. You need to balance your abdominal muscles and lower back. This particular workout will impart grace to your daily activities like sitting, standing, even walking. Pilates puts a lot of focus on body mechanics which means you will walk taller in a more graceful fashion.