This metabolic disease that involves loss of bone tissue and disorganization of the bone structure. It is a disease that affects more than 200 million people worldwide with America being one of the countries that has a large number of people suffering from it. In United States about 18 millions of the population suffers from low bone mass. This shows that over 10 % of all Americans are affected by Osteoporosis and that illustrates it is a disorder that is pandemic.

There are other diseases that cause bone loss such as malignant cancer, malabsorption syndrome and hyperthyroidism. Osteoporosis is specifically related to the metabolic factors. These factors include vitamin D levels, activity of Osteoblasts and calcium levels.

There are various circumstances and deficiencies that may be drawn in the development of Osteoporosis. Menopause, smoking and people whose age is greater than 50 years are mainly related with the presence of Osteoporosis. The medical experts have found that bone mass and Osteoporosis are mainly caused by inadequate protein, gastrointestinal syndrome, vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

Osteoporosis mainly affects weight bearing bones such as pelvis, femur and lumbar vertebras. Bone loss in these structures results to in hip and lumbar spine fractures which are devastating results of Osteoporosis. The development of osteoporosis is also associated with lack of enough exercise.

Consequently, weight bearing exercise is an n important activity in assisting to prevent bone mass loss. When we regularly participate in exercises such as walking, running, or cycling, our bodies build new muscles and bones. This psychological response of the body is known as Wolff’s law and it states that bone remodels by building new bones according to the psychological stress. This result to development of bones that are strong and that cannot fracture easily.

Chiropractic care addresses spinal misalignments that impact proper functioning of the nerve system. Spinal misalignments are associated with inflamed spinal ligaments and restricted mobility in the neck. These factors results in different in different flow of information between the nerve system and the rest of the body. If your cells do not receive the correct information between the nerve system and the rest of your body, symptoms and diseases are likely to occur.

If you are suffering from osteoporosis, regular exercises and good nutrition provides the right measures for maintaining healthy bones. Regular chiropractic care enables your body to properly use your nutrition and exercise to keep your bones healthy and strong.