On a daily basis, a number of people all over the world suffer from knee pain. These people find walking and climbing stairs very difficult which decreases their mobility in performing daily routines. In most cases the old people experiences knee pain since their knees becomes weak as they age. Young people and adults can also experience knee pain as it is can be caused by different causes.

Osteoarthritis attacks the bone cartridges which make the surface layer of the bone to deteriorate and wear down. After some time, the bones beneath the cartilages affected by osteoarthritis will start to rub together, swell and lose joint motion.

Osteoarthritis in the knee and hips is a very painful injury that cab turn chronic if not properly treated. Chiropractic care for the hip osteoarthritis can be very helpful for the patients who have been unable to get treatment in any other way. Find out chiropractic experts who will offer you the best treatment services.


The symptoms of hip and knee osteoarthritis are increased level of pain in the hip area that may extend to the groin area, pain shooting down the thighs and pain in the knee joints. The pain increases when the weather is colder or when the patient is involved in physical activity such as jogging or walking.


Chiropractic experts use gentle spinal adjustments to place the spinal column in proper alignment that has a positive effect on the hip joints that are connected to the spine.   Knee and hip osteoarthritis are not curable but are manageable with the use of chiropractic care.


Chiropractic experts can effectively manage knee osteoarthritis. The treatment of both the knee and hip osteoarthritis is similar. This treatment includes stretching, massage, gentle manipulation of painful joints and also the use of ultra sound for healing. Contact us today for the best chiropractic care.