Ear Infections

Most of the children suffer from at least one middle ear infection known as otitis media before they are one year old. About a third of them will have had at least one episode at the time they attain 3 years. The symptoms of Otitis media include ear pain, fever and irritability. The ears of a child who has Otitis media have some fluids that have buildup in the ear drum.

Otitis media is caused by bacteria or viral infection. This ear infection normally results from another disease such as a cold. To some children it can become a chronic disease that requires treatment frequently. This exposes the child to a risk of permanent hearing damage and also speech problems.

Otitis media occurs when there is improper drainage of the lymph system in the neck or when the muscle supposed to keep bacteria from entering the eustacean tubes fails to work correctly. Even if these two things happen to adults, it rarely results into adult’s ear infection. The reasons as to why it does not lead to adult ear infection is because adults spend more time in upright posture as compared to children. This encourages better drainage and decreases the risk of infection. The second reason as to why it does not lead to ear infection to adults is because the shapes and length of the eustacean tubes are large making it difficult for bacteria to invade the ear.

The major cause of otitis media is mechanical problem. This occurs as a result of blocked drainage of the lymph chains that causes a buildup of fluid in the inner ear. The best treatment of otitis media is chiropractic as it tries to kills the bacteria and viruses in a more natural approach.

Most of the medical doctors prescribe oral antibiotics such as amoxicillin which are helpful to get rid of bacterial infection. But the research studies have shown that antibiotics are not much effective than the body’ own immune system in the treatment of Otitis media.

IF one of one of your children experiences an ear infection, you should seek chiropractor care for the treatment. Chiropractic experts are well trained to treat patients of all ages. They help in restoring the normal function of the tissues of the neck. These experts can treat otitis media without conducting surgery or use of antibiotics.