Carpal Tunnel

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a syndrome that is caused by squashing of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) has become one of the widespread occupational health problem faced today. It affects millions of people per year and with the growing reliance on computers there seems to be no end in it. The syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve that is above the wrist. Pressure on this nerve is caused by an injury or continued use of common activities such as typing, chopping, hammering or pushing something.

The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include wrist pain, numbness, and tingling, burning, loss of grip strength and loss of sleep due to discomfort. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is more common in people who are obese and it is also hereditary. It is also common to the women who are pregnant.

The symptoms can vary from one person to another and from mild to severe. It may affect one or both hands. These symptoms are usually worse at night and make wake you up. The symptoms may be eased by raising the hand up or hanging it down.

There are various ways to treat this condition such as Chiropractic care. In most cases a chiropractic adjustment to the affected area is an effective solution of treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This syndrome is at times brought about by misalignment in the back or neck. Chiropractic manipulation of the neck and spine also serves as one of the effective treatment option.

If you have severe symptoms such as wasting of the muscles at the base of the thumb, then you will need surgery. This will relieve pressure on the trapped nerve quickly aiming to prevent any permanent long-term nerve damage.

Other treatments such as physical therapy, stretching, and strengthening exercises can effectively alleviate and eventually eliminate the symptoms associated with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. If you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome don’t hesitate to contact us for help.