Bedwetting is a stressful behavior for everyone who has the habit of doing it. It is normally caused by lack of bladder control. This can cause an embarrassment, shame and can also interfere with a person normal social development. The health experts have not yet found out all the causes of bed wetting. One of the causes of bed wetting is due to the underdevelopment of bladders of under age children who have difficulty in recognizing when their bladder is full. The main victims of this are the children who are under four years of age.

For a child who has not been bed wetting for a period of time and then all of a sudden starts wetting the bed, it means there is something that is wrong with that child. This mostly occurs when the child has some form of stress in his/her life. The stress that the child may have includes a new baby has been in brought in the home, being moved to a new neighborhood that is unfamiliar to the child or parents’ divorce. Bed wetting can also be a sign of physical and sexual abuse or it can be a disease that is developing in the child. If your child starts bed wetting suddenly after having some dry nights, it is important to seek medical attention. The doctors will find out whether it has been caused by stress or whether there is a disease developing.

Chiropractic experts can assist in removing any irritation that may be affecting the nerves that controls the bladder function. These nerves exert an area of the spine called the sacrum. In adults, sacrum is a larger fused bone that is resistant to injury. During childhood age, the sacrum is separated into five segments. If these segments become misaligned due to a fall or any other trauma, they can compromise the nerves that are responsible for bladder function.

Bed wetting behavior of many children has been adjusted through chiropractic care. In fact various clinical research studies has demonstrated that chiropractic care assist many children suffering from bedwetting. Ensure you contact us to help you solve the bed wetting problem.