Today’s Chiropractic

Chiropractic doctors are health workers who exercise natural, non-invasive and drugless healthcare that depends on the body’s capacity to heal itself but how it works is the big question.


These doctors follow standard d schedule to get information about the patient. We consult, review history, conduct examinations and also demand laboratory analyses or x-rays. Unlike other doctors, chiropractic doctors conduct analysis of the patient’s structure and give more care to the spine. We also ask some questions about your lifestyle-do you exercise? Do you eat balanced diet and so on.

We find what caused the problem

With the information a diagnosis is made. Chiropractors mainly seek the cause of the disease so as to eliminate it unlike other doctors who treat the symptoms for example if the migraine headache you have been having is being caused by an irritated nerve or misaligned vertebra, instead of taking painkillers throughout we realign the vertebrae to hinder the pain

We treat the cause of the disease

Chiropractors term misalignment as subluxations. Vertebral subluxation is poo arrangement of bones that protect the spinal cord. Its comparable a leak to the roof. The severity of the vertebral subluxation varies due to factors that may be emotional, physical, mental or chemical. A verbal subluxation can caused by a complicated case like birth trauma o many other simple incidents