Therapy Can Ease Your Back Pain in Sherman Oaks

More and more of us seem to come down with problems involving back pain today. Back pain can be caused by a wide variety of circumstances, including a sports injury, an auto accident, lifting something improperly, moving the wrong way too quickly or even just sleeping in the wrong position at night. While the cause is important, what matters more is finding the proper way to address the pain you feel. The discomfort can keep you from performing all your daily activities, stop you from working and keep you from sleeping well. Today, the best approach you will find to easing back pain in Sherman Oaks rests with the therapy you can get from us at Back to Wellness Center.

See a Doctor First

If you are suffering from back pain, the best thing to do first is to make a visit to your primary physician. Your doctor can examine you and get a proper diagnosis to get to the source of your pain. The doctor may order tests like a CT scan or MRI or x-rays to help determine what the problem is for you. It may be a matter of getting the appropriate rest for your back or losing weight that will help ease the pain for you. In many cases, getting some physical therapy can help to eliminate the pain and provide you with exercises that can help to strengthen the area properly so that you can move without discomfort.

Different Therapies Available

If your doctor prescribes therapy for treating your back pain in Sherman Oaks, here at Back to Wellness Center, we offer a variety of therapies designed to assist you. We provide conventional physical therapy where exercising and working with a therapist helps you get stronger and learn better movement techniques. We also offer massage therapy to help you relax your muscles, chiropractic therapy to bring your back into proper alignment and acupuncture to provide you with relief from pain.

The Professional Therapy You Need

To help with your back pain in Sherman Oaks, turn to us at Back to Wellness Center so that you can get the professional therapy and treatment that will make a difference to you. You can learn more about the services we offer by visiting our website. You may also call our office directly at 818-985-2559 to speak with a staff member and make an appointment for an evaluation so that we can begin helping you overcome your back issues.