The Pros of Pilates

Pilates is a way to build symmetry and coordination in your body and mind. It is a core strength training that trains your body as a whole. It works on building muscle for strength, improve flexibility and increased movement of the joints. Pilates is a low impact work out with all round benefits.


By putting emphasis on your breathing, spinal and pelvic orientation and focusing on smooth, flowing movements of your body, Pilates helps you understand your body better.

Awareness of your body

Pilate will create an increased awareness of your body. It helps you understand the relation between how you sit, stand or move thereby giving you insights into the physical problems that you have or had and prevent any serious injuries.

Core muscles

Pilates focuses on a strong and healthy back or body. Having a strong core means having flexible, strong muscles that help you balance. A strong core will result in a good posture and proper movement. It is necessary to build a strong core, if you do not want to be strong in some places and weak in others.

Lean look

Pilates works to increase the reach and strength of your muscles and a range of motion in your joints. When done regularly, Pilates helps to create long, lean muscles. It can improve muscle tone and enhance your posture.