The Complete Wellness Center

Back to Wellness Center is a complete wellness center that offers almost everything that you need to gain back your health. All services offered here are provided to heal your body and eliminate toxins as the result of stress, tension, injury and accident. The blended techniques are performed by highly-trained professionals to better address the needs of our clients who wish to feel transformed and elevated.


One of the services offered by our complete wellness center is acupuncture. Our certified acupuncturist will work with you by stimulating your specific acupuncture points. This is an alternative medicine that’s a key factor of the traditional Chinese medicine. It offers several health benefits, including treatments for nausea and emotional stress, as well as indigestion and cardiovascular problems. This is usually recommended to relieve physical pain.

 Complete Wellness Center

Holistic Health Coach

Dr. Melina B. Jampolis will work with you to support your goals in achieving better health. She can teach you the types of foods that you should only be eating to regain your health and restore your energy.

Her nutrition advice will include how to live a healthy lifestyle and some self-care tips. Dr. Jampolis’s hands-on approach considers every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit. She focuses mainly on honoring your body. Most of her clients have been empowered to finally take care of their own health. Through her teachings, her clients have finally realized their beauty inside out by eating only nourishing foods and following a healthy lifestyle.


It’s a type of relaxation procedures that can effectively eliminate your stress and replace it with a high dose of inner peace link u blogu. This is one of the most sought-after tools in dealing with physical and psychological distress. While you tune in your subtle energies, you’re bringing in health and balance to your system.

 Complete Wellness Center

Other services of Back to Wellness center aim to bring back your overall function and improve your system as your body heal itself. Over time, you’ll experience better immune function and lower incidence of illness. You’ll have better physical and mental health. And if you’ve undergone surgery, your recovery time is improved.

At Back to Wellness Center, we look forward to helping you achieve your overall health. We also hope the you discover the wide array of health benefits of our services. The effects of our services are deeply soothing and therapeutic as they’re performed by highly trained and skilled health professionals.

To finally achieve a healthy body and mind, call our complete wellness center at (818) 985-2559