Post Auto Accident – Which is Better Physical Therapy or Chiropractor?

After an auto accident, you’ll feel a sense of distress. Just like any type of accidents, a car accident can cause adrenaline rush. Afterwards, you’ll begin to feel discomfort and soreness. But, sometimes, you won’t feel it immediately after the accident. Victims of auto accidents would usually go to the emergency room. However, most of

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Accident Recovery

Car Accident Recovery Experts at Back to Wellness Center

Car accidents can be damaging. Even if you only had minor injuries, you still need proper medical attention. Physical Therapy Majority of car accidents will injure your muscles and ligaments. Some injuries will only appear days, weeks or months. For that reason, it’s highly recommended that you seek medical attention after a minor or major

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Back to Wellness Center – Full Service Wellness

Back to Wellness Center offers a full service wellness performed by high-skilled, well-trained professionals. Below you’ll find the services we offer and a brief introduction of each service. Physical Therapy Our physical therapy programs aim to help you get back to your job and living a life without the pain as the result of an

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Post Car Accidents Recovery

Physical Therapy Sherman Oaks, CA

The physical therapy Sherman Oaks, CA service of Back to Wellness Center has been providing patients with comprehensive programs for years. We work closely with physicians and licensed physical therapists to provide a wide array of services to patients, regardless of age and condition. Our comprehensive physical therapy program is designed to treat the entire

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Physical Therapy – Valley Village, CA

The Back to Wellness Center | Physical Therapy in Valley Village, CA At The Back to Wellness Center in Valley Village, CA our physical therapy program works to treat the entire musculoskeletal system. This includes treating bones, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and the interaction between these parts to offer our patients the ability to feel

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are practiced in helping people regain and maintain pain-free movements. This allows a person to pursue his life interests without feeling pain. Improved movement Obesity which is an epidemic in the US and a leading cause of other diseases can be checked by moving more. Several studies point out that sitting for a

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