What is a subluxation?

What is a subluxation

This a word that is commonly used in the chiropractic profession. The literal definition of the word means a partial dislocation. In chiropractic the term is used to describe a segment that is restricted, fixated or misaligned. Subluxation of spinal segments usually result in pain, muscle spasm, lack of proper motion and eventually wear and tear on the joint. Subluxations can be caused by trauma, auto accidents or postural issues. If an area that is subluxated is not properly aligned it can cause further compensation throughout the spine and lead to additional points of irritation.
A chiropractic adjustment is used to gently align a subluxated segment and restore normal motion. This is done by first inspecting the spine and finding the subluxation. Then the segment is analyzed for rotation, restriction, muscle spasm and tenderness. Once these factors are identified the chiropractic adjustment is applied in the proper direction to restore the normal spinal motion. Back To Wellness specializes in correcting these subluxations. If you have any further questions you can email dorandc@backtowellnesscenter.com.