Strong muscles strength and balance will maintain your body posture, minimize tension and allow you to move easily. Your muscle performs like wires which support television antenna, if the wires are strong the antennae will stand tall but if the wires are weak then they collapse. So if the muscles supporting your spine are strong, you will stand strong and straight. Many people who lack strong muscles have misaligned spine and don’t exercise

Muscles’ ability to perform increases or depreciates depending on the stress placed on them. Most of have weak muscles because we don’t exercise, we do most of our work while sited. When you exercise your muscle daily, they became strong. An imbalance muscle leads to constant muscle tension and poor posture and if untreated it gets worse because of “reciprocal inhibition”

Reciprocal inhibition means “shutting down the opposite.” The body is two types of muscles that act on different directions. When one set of muscles contracts the other muscles relaxes thus shutting it so as not work against one other. Usually as one set of muscle is used the opposing muscles that are continuously shut down tend to degenerate

The phenomenon is vital for people who work while sited since all day muscle of the upper back and chest are used .this implies that the whole day the opposing muscles found on the middle back remain shut down. As time goes by the muscle grow extremely weak because of not being exercised like those in front. This results to poor posture, pain and muscle spasm. The best and the easiest way of rectifying this condition is y doing particular exercises that will strengthen back muscles, seek chiropractic care and manual therapy. Once all the muscles I your back am strengthened, poor body posture will vanish completely.