Slip Disc Treatment

A slipped disc occurs when one of the discs that are sitting between your bones on the spine is damaged. Pain is felt because it presses on the nerves. While it presses on your nerves, you will feel back and neck pain. Other symptoms will occur, like tingling sensation and weakness in some parts of your body. In some cases of slipped disc, the sciatic nerve is affected. This nerve is the longest nerve in our body. It runs from your back of the pelvis going to the buttocks, legs, and feet.

Now, if pressure is placed on this nerve, it causes severe pain. It’s one of the reasons our clients seek slip disc treatment to alleviate whatever pain and numbness they feel in their bodies as a result of a slipped disc.

A slip disc treatment may come in different forms, like rest, exercise, and medication. To recover from this condition, you will have to wait up to six weeks.

Being ActiveSlip disc treatment

When it comes to a slip disc treatment, our healthcare professionals recommend keeping yourself active. At first, it’s difficult to move around, especially if you’re in severe pain. For the first couple of days, you need to have a complete bed rest. After that, you should move around to keep your back mobile. In this way, your recovery will be fast.

One of the ways to keep you active while recovering from this condition is to enroll in a Pilates class. Our Back to Wellness Center offers Pilates sessions that are supervised by trained Pilates instructors. They can teach you the proper movements to strengthen your muscles that became weak after the slipped disc accident.

Massage Therapy

We also have our resident massage therapist who can offer massage and spinal manipulation series to minimize your pain while helping you in preventing further damage to your back. Our therapist will tailor the exercise plan for you to keep you active.

Apart from our massage therapist, we have our chiropractic service that can also effectively treat your back pain.Slip disc treatment

The goal of chiropractic and massage therapy is to improve your condition so you will no longer have to undergo a surgery to correct the slipped disc. For most people, they recover easily with the help of a massage and chiropractic care.

Most of our clients with this condition have responded well with the slip disc treatment options we offer. Within six weeks, their pain and discomfort have been significantly lessened.

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