Relax your body and mind with a massage therapy

These days with ever increasing levels of stress, it seems imperative that massage therapy is gaining immense popularity.

People are looking to massage therapy for more than relaxation. Massage therapy can improve a variety of health problems like insomnia, back pain, arthritis even injuries.

Cortisol is the stress inducing hormone. Its major role is in a flight/fight situation where the body is threatened. Cortisol suppresses the immune system and results in a rush of blood sugar to combat or flee.

But in a normal everyday life, stress in usually psychological. The increased cortisol levels create digestive problems and result in insomnia.


Relax your body and mind with a massage therapyAn experienced massage therapist can work on those areas of your body that are affected by stress. By simply working on your body, there will be an increase in Oxytocin or serotonin levels which help to reduce stress. In a relaxed state, your body has a lower heart rate and better breathing. You can have a deep sleep and a healthier life as you learn to recreate the sensations of massage in your home.

Increased stress levels at work or home can result in buildup of stress hormone cortisol which affects the quality of sleep and results in other health problems.

Massage therapy is proven to reduce cortisol and take your body to a relaxed state to heal. It triggers chemical reactions in the brain to produce beneficial hormones like Oxytocin and serotonin that produce a sense of relaxation and improve the mood. The benefits of a massage can last long after a therapy session.