Recovering From Injury with Pilates Exercises in Encino

If you have suffered an injury that has continued to cause you pain long after the wounds have healed, then you may want to find a new way to improve your health. One physical exercise that has been shown to help people who have suffered the after-effects of injury is Pilates. Our Encino therapists can help you to discover the art of Pilates, and ensure that you learn to do the poses correctly in order to get the most out of your efforts. You can start to learn the exercises with us and we can help you to develop the skills you need to get real improvement in health and physical ability on recovering from injury with pilates exercises in Encino.

Understanding Pilates Exercises

The idea of Pilates began in the 1920s, when it was developed by Joseph H Pilates. It is an exercise system which is designed to improve your flexibility and build up the strength of the whole body. Unlike other strength training exercises, such as CrossFit, Pilates is less of an exercise regime and more of a series of athletic movements, designed to engage the whole body in any activity. Most Pilates classes are taught by highly experienced tutors, dedicated to teaching the correct way to perform the movements required by Pilates exercise.

Pilates Exercises in Encino

What Pilates Can Do For You

In order to recover from injury, many patients in LA choose to opt for Pilates rehabilitation. The main reason for this is that Pilates focuses upon strengthening core muscles, as well as increasing flexibility and strength in the back, legs and abdomen. By increasing the strength of these muscles, patients can experience increased stability, which can be very beneficial when you are trying to recover from an injury. Pilates can also be very beneficial to those suffering from joint pain, so if you have suffered injury to ankles, knees or hips, then you can benefit greatly from Pilates.

Get Started On Core Strength Today

When you are ready to start improving your core strength and flexibility, then you should reach out to our specialist on Pilates exercises in Encino team. We can help you to get the most from your Pilates sessions, and by working alongside our physical therapist and chiropractic practitioners, you can focus on overcoming your conditions. Start working with our team today by contacting Back to Wellness today at (818)985-2559, or by sending us an online message now.