Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Losing weight isn’t that easy. There are several reasons you can’t lose weight. At Back to Wellness Center, we are here to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Do you skip breakfast?Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

One of the reasons people can’t lose weight is that they skip breakfast. Although some people find it easy to lose weight by not eating their first-morning meal, it may not work for you. If skipping breakfast is working against you, you’ll get hungrier. This will lead to overdoing it during lunch.

Our nutrition expert recommends eating a high-fiber, protein-rich breakfast so you can feel full for longer hours.

How about eating too close to bedtime?

A late-night meal can cause trouble to your weight loss plan. It raises your body temperature, insulin, and blood sugar. This makes it harder for your body to burn the extra fats. Eating, at least, three hours before your bedtime may help you in finally achieving your weight loss goals.

It’s also not advisable that you eat a snack after supper as you’re more likely to take in more calories than you realize. Snacking after dinner may also cause you to eat unhealthy foods like potato chips, ice cream, and other unhealthy foods.

Is it caused by stress?

Another reason you may not be losing weight no matter how hard you try is that you’re under too much stress. When you’re stressed out, you’ll have the tendency to eat high-calorie and grab high-fat foods. Unfortunately, your body is more inclined to store more fats when you’re under stress.

To help you reduce stress, you can try Pilates. Acupuncture is also great in relieving stress.

Are you getting enough sleep?Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

If you aren’t, then you should consider getting, at least, six hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can make it more difficult for you to shed some pounds. The reason for this is that your metabolism slows down so you won’t be able to burn calories as fast as you want it to be.

Then, without enough sleep, you’ll find it harder to exercise. Because you’re tired, you are more likely to eat sweets over fruits.

Losing weight is surely not an easy feat. It’s harder if you don’t know what to do to get lean. This is where Dr. Melina B. Jampolis comes in. She has been helping individuals in losing weight with proper nutrition and regular exercise.

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