The Japanese art form where people planted bonsai trees is interesting. Bonsai trees are shrubs that have been constantly stressed to form a posture. The final end will depend on the stress applied on the tree. Some will eventually resemble miniature or a wild mass of branches with loops and twists. Most people only know “good posture” as sitting or standing up straight. Few people know the significance of body posture to our and health.

When we are properly aligned, our bones support the body weight thus reducing strain to our muscles. A good posture makes feel healthier, move easily and have extra energy. So posture is not all about standing up straight.

Posture is a major aspect when you are discussing one’s health. It’s as essential as exercise, resting and avoiding harmful drugs like tobacco. Having a good posture will enable you do things with extra energy, less fatigue and stress. You cannot be physically fit without a good posture; furthermore you damage your spine easily each time you exercise.

Anatomically, our bones pile over the other: the head is supported by the spinal bone, which is over the pelvis, which is in a straight line with the ankle and the knees. If you sit down for a long time or if you support your weight on your leg then he muscles of the back and the neck will have to support the body instead of the spine. This will eventually result to joint pressure and tension that will affect you both physically and emotionally hence you will have signs like headache and depression.

The effects of poor posture are poor bone alignment, fatigue, insufficient oxygen transport, strained motion, reduced concentration, rigid joins and reduced productivity. Dr. Sperry said, “The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy is available for thinking, metabolism, and healing.”

The problem associated with poor posture is that it creates a prolonged muscle tension since the head and the body’s weight is sustained by the muscles.

To explain it more, if you carry something like a briefcase with your arms stretched out, you will strain the muscles at your shoulder and therefore get tired within a short time

In some countries, women carry heavy pots from a far water source to their homesteads. They do so without struggling because they know how to balance the pots on their heads allowing the bones and the skeleton to support the weight instead of the muscles.

Bad posture can be corrected in two ways. One, you will have to remove “bad “stress acting on your body. These stress includes all habits that cause your body move away from your of balance. Bad stress can be as a result of carrying heavy purses, poorly adjusted car seat and poorly adjusted stations

Second, try to apply” good” stress on your body so as to adjust your posture to your body center. This is achieved through exercise and stretches. Getting back your right posture helps you feel better.