Post car accidents recovery

Post Car Accidents RecoveryApproach to post-car-accident recovery in our center is multidisciplinary, as thanks to the diversity of skills the members of our staff have, we are able to combine chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture. That allows us to achieve the maximum effects and help the patient recovery as quickly and successfully as possible. In addition to this, the team of physicians we collaborate with provides us additional help that is invaluable, as people who have suffered injuries in car accidents require highly professional and responsible approach.

The first goal we strive to achieve with patients who are recovering from car accidents is to make them feel better. That usually refers to pain relief more than anything else. As stated above, thanks to the fact that we have chiropractors, physical therapist, and acupuncturists in our team allows us to combine all three approaches, all of which are very effective in reducing different types of pain. Since every patient is different, being able to choose the approach that works best for that particular patient is of great value in post car accident recovery process.

In the later stage of recovery, after the pain has been put under control, the patient needs to continue recovery until their body returns to the state it was in before the accident. That mainly refers to restoring compromised functions, such as regaining complete function of the extremity that was immobilized for weeks due to a fracture. Physical therapy is exactly what’s required in a situation like this. Our physical therapists are highly experienced in helping people recover from injuries such as car accidents, and will make sure that the recovery is complete and quick. Other team members, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physicians are also there to help the patients fully recover from the accident.