Pilates Rehabilitation

pilatesDeveloped in the 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates, The Pilates Method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body. The Pilates Method is not just exercise, however. It is a series of controlled movements engaging your body and mind, performed on specifically designed exercise apparatus and supervised by extensively trained teachers. Benefits of pilates include increased strength and flexibility, as well as strengthening of the core muscles including the abdominals, back and buttocks.

The reason we use Pilates based rehabilitation is because the independent spring system allows specific resistance and promotes continuous stability coupled with core strength. Pilates is an excellent tool for working your core muscles – you are forced to balance while exercising, and that engages your core!

With close supervision by our doctors we are able to treat many conditions such as neck, and back pain. We also specialize in treating joint injuries including shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. We treat patients for pre and post surgery care including teens and geriatrics.

Our pilates instructors are trained professionals that work side by side with our chiropractic and physical therapy staff to assist in several therapies as instructed for each condition.

Ask the doctor if Pilates based rehabilitation is right for you!

Pilates Classes in Studio City

Pilates classes in Studio City are ideal for those who wish to strengthen their core as they try to recover from an injury or accident. Conditioning of the core is part of a physical therapy service that aims to provide you with physical strength and let you be in shape.

If you want to recover faster, you should not focus on just being in shape. You must also try to develop body awareness so you can maintain stronger and fitter body.

Pilates classes

There are different types of Pilates classes being offered. If you are still new in this type of exercise, you should try the beginner’s class. This is also perfect for those who have not exercised in a while or who wish to strengthen their core at a gentler pace.

When recovering from an accident or injury, basic Pilates is helpful as you try to isolate your muscle groups and be able to activate them correctly.

In a beginner’s class, you will focus on understanding your core muscles – how they work and how to activate them properly so you can improve your overall physical strength.

As soon as you have completed the beginner’s Pilates class, you can jump to an intermediate class that emphasizes on results. This is advisable for patients who have been undergoing physical therapy as part of their recovery. In this class, you have already an understanding on how your core muscles work. As the level increases, you must expect it to be more intense. The pace is also faster.

As you complete this class, you will see and experience new levels of flexibility and core strength. Your overall posture will improve.

Rehabilitation session

Pilates classes in Studio City also include rehabilitation sessions. In here, you will be working with trainers who will facilitate your exercise program. Unlike other regular classes, rehabilitation session is a one-on-one session with a trainer. The program will be unique based on your needs and goals. This is great in combination with physical therapy while recovering from an accident or injury.

Before you can attend a Pilates class, you will be first assessed by a physical therapist. Although Pilates is a great form of exercise and therapy for those who are recovering, it is not for everyone. Thus, a thorough assessment is necessary to know what type of class is ideal for your case.

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