Physical Therapy Sherman Oaks, CA

The physical therapy Sherman Oaks, CA service of Back to Wellness Center has been providing patients with comprehensive programs for years. We work closely with physicians and licensed physical therapists to provide a wide array of services to patients, regardless of age and condition.

Our comprehensive physical therapy program is designed to treat the entire musculoskeletal system, including muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments. In this way, you’ll feel comfortable again after suffering from a specific injury.

Benefits of Physical Therapy


Before you’ll be given a treatment plan, our physical therapists will make a thorough assessment of your condition. This is to help them locate the points in your body that have been causing you pain resulting in decreased body function. Once they’ve completed the assessment, they can come up with a customized physical therapy treatment plan that offers the most efficient and effective relief to your pain.

In addition to the findings gathered by our physical therapists, we also consult our resident physicians to further create the most effective treatment plan to promote your overall well-being.

low-speed-accidentMost of our patients visit our center to help them recover from an operation, which is a part of their post-operative treatment recovery plan. However, we do offer our physical therapy services to those who are also suffering from injuries sustained through car accidents. The majority of the car accident injuries are immediate. This means that the patient will notice the symptoms immediately. However, there are injuries that can be asymptomatic. The symptoms will only arise a few years after.

Our physical therapists at the Back to Wellness Center offer a therapy program that can restore your full range of motion while they realign proper positioning of your spinal column. At our fitness center, we strive to give our patients higher standard of care. We only use the latest rehab techniques and manual therapy methods to develop a program that’s only designed for you.

With our individual treatment program tailored to your needs, you can achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. We don’t only work to bring back your full range of motion but we also make sure that your overall health and wellness is back.

Our center offers a large, open floor plan to welcome different types of patients, from athletes to dancers to car accident sufferers.

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