Physical Therapy Auto Accident Injuries

Each year, there are more than a million cases of whiplash injury, a type of auto accident injury. But because this type of injury does not immediately show signs or symptoms, victims don’t seek professional help.

But this is a big mistake.

Why do you need to see a physical therapist after a car accident?

When you visit a hospital after an auto accident, you’ll be given painkillers and a neck brace, if deemed necessary.autoaccidentinjury

However, this type of treatment won’t do any good to your underlying injury.

By seeing a physical therapist, you’ll receive proper treatment from damaged tissue as a result of the accident. Even if you think that your injury is not severe, you can greatly benefit from a physical therapy.

When to start treatment?

At Back to Wellness Center, we recommend our clients to undergo physical therapy within seven days after an auto accident. This will help in controlling the pain and diminishing swelling.

If you’re worried about the pain, you shouldn’t. At the start of your session, our licensed therapist will introduce small movements to help your body in repairing the damaged tissues.

After a few physical therapy sessions, the pain may still linger. For that reason, we recommend that you continue your therapy until you return to full function. The pain is the result of connective tissue injuries that are still healing. They’re usually slow to heal.

If you don’t seek proper treatment after a car accident, the injury will result in long-term health issues. Some victims still experience pain after eight years. Apart from getting contstant pain in the neck and back, you’ll also experience dizziness, numbness, vision problems and headaches. You’ll also find it difficult to concentrate.

Later in life, you’re more likely to suffer from degenerative disc disease.autoaccidentinjury

Hospitals only focus on rehabilitating muscles and joints. But auto accident injuries can go beyond your muscles and joints as they can also cause damages to your neurological systems, which control your balance.

Our licensed physical therapist is highly trained on how to treat any type of auto accident injuries. At Back to Wellness Center, we utilize innovative treatments to properly treat various medical problems. Our physical therapy service can also rehabilitate your neurological system that affects your balance and eye movements. In this way, barriers to full recovery from such accident will be completely eliminated.

With our thorough rehab techniques, you can make a good progress and get rid of the symptoms of whiplash.

For more information about how our physical therapy can treat accident injuries, please call us at: 818-985-2559