Physical Therapy After Car Accident in Los Angeles

Auto Injuries

Each year, there are millions of people in the US who got injured after a car accident. Their injuries require immediate treatment. Low-speed accident can cause muscle injury, whiplash and sprains. High-speed accident, on the other hand, causes a more serious injury that will result in several symptoms, such as neck and back pain, numbness, fatigue and anxiety, among others.Physical Therapy

Unfortunately, these injuries are not properly treated because of lack of diagnostic capacity. Oftentimes, victims don’t seek treatment because they didn’t feel any pain after the accident.

At Back to Wellness Center, we advise you to seek treatment after a car accident. Our Los Angeles clinic offers several treatments including physical therapy to properly treat your injury.

Our licensed physical therapist will give you a personalized rehabilitation program based on your injury and overall health.


We understand how difficult it is to get injured after a car accident. It can be physically, mentally and financially taxing. That said, we can work with your insurance company to arrange some forms of financial means to help you get well, without having to worry about your pain and physical health.

In Los Angeles, you can now have direct access to a physical therapy service even without doctor’s prescription. It’s actually a proactive way for you to treat your injured areas. We provide various physical therapy techniques that you can surely benefit.

When your necks and back start to ache, our licensed physical therapist can help you get out of the pain and make sure that the pain won’t recur.

The techniques used will put all bones affected back into place. You’ll also undergo several exercises and stretching techniques to make sure that your bones wills stay in their proper position.

Physical TherapyBecause of the effective results of a physical therapy after an auto accident, more and more medical doctors today are recommending their patients to seek this type of treatment. At Back to Wellness Center, we believe that treating auto accident injury should involve a holistic approach. That said, we recommend other drug-free treatments to ensure proper healing.

Besides physical therapy, you may also see our chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and nutritionist for further treatment.

To combat the pain associated with the accident, a physical therapy session can significantly help.

We take pride in assisting our patients to enjoy a pain-free life after the accident.

Visit our physical therapy department after a car accident in Los Angeles to receive the best rehab treatment.