Pain while sitting at computer? Find out why!

Sitting at a computer seems like such an easy task.  Why is it that some people have pain while doing it?  First we must understand what pain is.  Pain is a signal sent by irritated structures to the brain which then sends us a message that there is pain in that area.  When muscles are being overused or improperly used they will emit pain to prompt you to change positions.  If you don’t change position then the body will develop knots or scar tissue over these muscles to reduce the amount of time the muscle has to be used.  This leads to a cascade of events which can result in chronic pain, poor posture and early degenerative changes.

Pain while sitting at computer

Treatment is simple!

1. Reduce the knots and scar tissue on the muscle.

2. Reeducate the muscle and posture.

3. Maintain good posture or stretch regularly.

Ask our doctors for specifics on this treatment plan since each individual is different.