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Back and neck are the most common complaints when our patients seek the help of one of the best chiropractics at Back to Wellness Center. Chiropractic care is considered a holistic therapy that mainly focuses on keeping your musculoskeletal and nervous systems as healthy as possible to ensure your overall wellness.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Doran Hendelman, is known to treat acute back and neck pain and headaches safely and effectively. Most of his patients come to our clinic want an alternative way to treat their pain. There are tired of using drugs and want to find answers on what’s been causing their health issues.

One of the things that his patients say about him is that he’s honest and confident. And these two characteristics are essential when you look for a chiropractor. As an honest and confident chiropractor, he only recommends the best treatment for you that can offer the best results. He doesn’t have a problem recommending you to another health care profession to co-manage your case.Back-Pain-Vomero-Chiropractic-Back-Pain-Relief

His chiropractic technique is specific to his specific patient as no single technique can work for everyone. In this way, he can be sure that your case will be resolved effectively.

But he won’t start treating you without first conducting a thorough examination and diagnosis about your condition. He needs to know your medical history and performs a physical examination so he can have a proper understanding of your condition. Once he has established your current and medical history, then that’s the time he’ll suggest your treatment plan.

Dr. Hendelman works with other health professionals in his team. He’s been practicing since 1999 and he’s always in search of the most innovative ways to help to live with stronger, healthier bodies.

Chiropractic Care

wellness centerAs one of the best chiropractics in the US, Dr. Hendelman cares for his patients as a whole person. This means that he evaluates their general wellness. He examines his every patient not only for the reason of his/her visits but also for his/her level of health.

The treatment plan may include a combination of physical therapy and rehabilitative procedures. He will also refer you to our resident nutritionist at Back to Wellness Center to give you lifestyle counseling. With this approach, you can avoid the need for taking a potentially addictive pain drugs or invasive surgery.

With Dr. Hendelman, he treats the cause of your pain and not just your symptoms. To make an initial consultation with him, please call us at 818-985-2559