Nutrition Expert for Your Health at Back to Wellness Center

Invest in your health and expect an exponential return. Our nutrition expert for your health at Back to Wellness Center is Dr. Melina B. Jampolis. She’s a diet and nutrition doctor who helps people in getting back their health. Her weight loss programs are based on science and not a fad diet.

Dr. Melina offers ground-breaking approach to wellness that will help you improve your investment, i.e. your health. Remember that your health isn’t an expense. It’s actually an investment that you need to properly take care of.

Nutrition Expert

Back to Wellness Center – Nutrition Service

As the largest fitness center in California, Back to Wellness Center aims to address all the wellness needs of our clients. Dr. Melina will work with you every step of the way to help restore your health.

Her nutrition program focuses on anti-inflammation foods to avoid the common diseases, like cancer, dementia and heart disease. Dr. Melina’s nutrition expert approach is to reduce inflammation in your diet while introducing anti-oxidants to your menu to prevent life-threatening diseases.

Dr. Melina will also assist you in planning your meal to further support your goal of restoring your health after an injury or helping you lose weight the right way.

Awareness of Your Health

More and more Americans are health conscious. But because of the fast-paced lifestyle they’re following, it’s difficult for them to have a wellness goal. Dr. Melina will help you out in this issue. She’ll create a nutrition program that fits your lifestyle. In that way, you can follow it every day.

Dr. Melina’s nutrition programs for her patients also aim to prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, like stroke, obesity, cancer and heart disease. These diseases are preventable with the right diet and wellness program. Her nutrition program will address this issue through consistent education.

Creative Nutrition

Here at Back to Wellness Center, we believe that restoring your health doesn’t have to be boring. Hence, the nutrition program of Dr. Melina is unique and dynamic. This ensures that her patients will have long-term success.

The nutrition program is customized. Thus, it easily fits your lifestyle.

The success of her program involves long-term goals. For that reason, you shouldn’t expect to see results right away. It takes time to complete. She’ll also adjust it based on your needs.

If you end goal is to be healthier and avoid paying the rising cost of healthcare, then it’s a must for you to follow whatever nutrition program that Dr. Melina recommends.

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