Common Myths about Physical Therapy in Studio City

There can be many things that occur to you in life that can cause you injury. You can suffer an injury while taking part in a sport you love, like basketball, tennis, or running. You can get hurt in an automobile accident and find that you suffer back, neck or leg injuries that take you out of commission. Whenever you suffer a difficult injury that inhibits your ability to lead a productive life again, you may want to seek help so you can regain strength and range of motion. Help is available in the form of physical therapy, and you should understand some of the common myths about physical therapy in Studio City so you can see just how much it can help you.

Physical Therapy is Painful

Some people fear to go to physical therapy because they think it will be torturous and too painful. There can be some pain associated with therapy initially or as you go along. But the therapy is not designed to cause you pain. The therapy is there to help you overcome the discomfort you are experiencing so that you can get the proper range of motion back in your body. The therapy is there for you so that movement can be achieved without pain as you get stronger so you can return to a healthier life.

Myths about Physical Therapy in Studio City

Therapy Offers Nothing New

There is also the common misconception regarding physical therapy that it provided is nothing new. That it does little to help you recover from your injury. The physical therapists that are here to help you at our facility at Back to Wellness Center are highly-trained. They’re licensed, professional physical therapists that make use of the best techniques, exercises, and methods to help you heal. We make use of varied therapeutic approaches that will help restore your body. That way you feel well again, you don’t just do the same old exercises.

Find Out about our Physical Therapy

The physical therapy in Studio City we can provide for you here at Back to Wellness Center can get you moving again and perform the physical activities that you were unable to do after injury. You can discover more about us and our services here on our website. Here, you can learn all we have to offer you. You can also phone us at (818) 985-2559 to ask questions or request an appointment for a physical therapy session. That way you can begin your journey to restore your ability to work, play, and enjoy life.