Imagine one morning you wake up with a stiff shoulder whereby you are unable to move your hand. How will that affect your ability to work? To what extent will that affect your ability to dress or even drive? To what extent will it affect your concentration? It’s evident that if your shoulder became frozen it will affect you. It is the same way as if things in your life aren’t moving as planned; it will affect your ability to work properly, meet your daily needs and your concentration.

Several patients with low back pain complained of pain when they bend to put on socks or pick a magazine. What really happened if each person would agree that one’s body is supposed to handle such simple tasks easily?

In these situations the patient’s joints were “all locked up”. When certain joints in the body do not move as required the body has to force other joints to move more than normal so as to compensate. It eventually applies stress and tension to those areas hence resulting to inflammation and pain. Simultaneously the muscles that have abnormal movement will tighten, joints will compress and tendon will shorten. This condition if not checked and treated can cause permanent damage to the body. That’s just how one will experience discomfort easily.

We have seen people who cannot move normally: the resemble bodies that have been stiffened as they move. This is mostly seen among the ageing. Contrary to peoples belief, this an effect of not taking care of your body’s mobility by exercising and health alignment. There are older people in their 70s who are flexible and stronger than some in their 30s, just because of exercising their bodies.

Maintaining a flexible body will enable you avoid disability and pain. For you to maintain your mobility you have to act just as in maintaining a good posture. It’s important for you to carry out certain exercises to keep you tendon, muscle and ligament flexible. Even though people achieve this through exercise, most people who seek chiropractors care find it helpful.