Manual Adjustments with Chiropractor Doran Hendelman D.C.

Manual adjustments with chiropractor Doran Henderlman D.C. are a common therapeutic treatment available at Back to Wellness Center. The main goal of these adjustments is to apply a form of manipulation to your vertebrae with abnormal movement patterns. They’re also ideal for vertebrae that fail to function properly or normally.

Thousands of people in the US have already experienced the incredible health benefits of chiropractic care. The best thing about it is that it’s surgery-free and it encourages healing naturally.

Our resident and licensed chiropractor Doran Hendelman D.C prides himself on providing drugless approach in helping his patients to finally get relief from their sickness.

Licensed Chiropractic

Why Would You Need Manual Adjustments with Chiropractor Doran Hendelman D.C.?

If you have vertebral subluxation (irritation affecting spinal nerves and joints), manual adjustments of your spine are needed.

There could be several causes of this condition and one of them is a slip or a macrotrauma. You may also experience it if you have misaligned spine because of poor posture. Joint swelling, poor diet and psychological stress may also cause spine misalignment.

Despite the popularity of chiropractic care, many are still hesitant to undergo this natural treatment. But the number of researches about it is growing. In fact in the Annals of Internal Medicine, you’ll find several studies that showed how effective this natural treatment is in treating neck pain as long as it’s paired with exercise.

This journal also reported that integrating spine manual adjustments could result in a significant reduction in pharmaceutical costs and fewer hospital admissions.

If you’re experiencing pain in your back, neck, and joints, you should consider making an appointment with our chiropractor Doran Hendelman, D.C. Your pain and headaches may be relieved through manual adjustments. This is especially true if the pain is so intense after accident.

Back and Neck Pain Relief

Manual adjustments performed by our chiropractor are known to be safe and effective in treating back, neck and headaches. He doesn’t prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, unlike your medical doctor. Instead, he’ll treat your problems by manipulation your spine.

Dr. Doran Hendelman received more and more referrals from medical doctors. The reason for this is that their patients are getting tired of taking drugs. They want to have permanent relief from their problems.

The manual adjustments with chiropractor Doran Hendelman D.C seek to treat you as a whole person. That is, from your general wellness to preventing diseases. He’ll examine you thoroughly before creating a treatment plan.

To start finding a permanent relief to your pain problems, contact us today and we’ll schedule you an appointment with our chirorporactor Doran Hendelman: 818.985.2559.