Looking for Treatment for Low Back Pain in Sherman Oaks?

Back pain can occur to you at any age and at nearly any time. It can be the result of trying to lift something incorrectly, from a sports injury, an auto accident, or just the result of moving improperly. Once back pain sets in, it can be difficult for you to get rid of without proper treatment. Over-the-counter pain medicine and prescriptions may dull the symptoms for you, but they are not treating the source of the pain so you can heal. If you are looking for treatment for low back pain in Sherman Oaks, we can have the answers for you here at Back to Wellness Center.

Physical Therapy as Treatment

Physical therapy can be the ideal treatment for you to help you get rid of back pain. While it may not seem like a good answer to you, learning the proper ways to move and how to strengthen the muscles in your back and the rest of your body will help to make you stronger. Your new-found strength will eliminate the back pain you feel and help you to move with greater comfort. Our therapists can help create a treatment plan suited to you so that with proper exercise and treatment, your back will feel much better each day.

treatment for low back pain in Sherman Oaks

Alternative Treatment Methods

The methods we use in treatment for low back pain in Sherman Oaks can help you forget about taking medications as your only source of relief. We offer massage therapy that can help relieve tightness and pain. We also have chiropractors on staff that can work with you. Acupuncture therapy is another option for you at our facility to help you with pain. Our therapeutic approaches give you the best choices and options for solutions to your pain.

See Us to Help Your Back Pain

Here at Back to Wellness Center, we can give you the best choices for treatment of low back pain in Sherman Oaks. Read more about the services we offer by checking out the information here on our website. You can then schedule an initial consultation with us by calling (818) 985-2559 and speaking with us. We will help you set up a plan for treatment that can have you feeling much better and getting rid of your back pain. If you have any questions and prefer to send us a message, please use our online contact form that can be found here.