Business Liquidation

We Offer

Discrete and Reliable liquidation services, From Packing and Shipping to Machinery and Equipment Removal, with the right line of communication and your authenticated approval* it is possible to completely disassociate yourself with overstock, overproduction, shelf pulled inventory, pallet rack dis assembly, equipment removal and the bulk Sale of it All!

We Buy

In many instances we don’t have to find a buyer for your merchandise because we already know exactly where a product is wanted and/or needed. We pay cash for manifested bulk product and ship it out in 1 to 5 days – That’s how fast your liquidation could turn around – Its as Easy as One, Two, Free!

We Sell

Everything in your location has value, and we can sell it for you. If your place needs to be reduced to “lease specifications” before you move or go out of business, we can help. Were just a phone call away.

• Any Merchandise!
• Toys
• Apparel
• Commercial Kitchen
• Electronics
• Gondola Shelving
• Conveyor
• Machinery
• Pallet Rack
• Clothing Racks

• Slat Walls
• Display Cases
• Stocked Merchandise
• Gondola Shelving
• Sugar/Coffee/Oil etc.

Pallet Racks

Our service regularly dissembles, bands, and ships steel racks and shelving. Usually paying you thousands for assets you never calculated as valuable.


We understand that discretion is highly valued to your company, and that’s exactly what we deliver. No matter what type of business you have, we can help you quietly liquefy your assets without customers, clients, business partners or retail industries taking notice. You can expect precision expertise in dismantling equipment, inventory manifestation, pallet rack & shelving removal… all while conducting bulk $ales of your entire facility!

Authenticated Approval*

* We provide the contracts necessary to protect all parties involved (during the course of our agreement). And use an emphasis on good faith and reliable business practice to drive potential clients our way by offering service/s with little to NO calculable risk to them. Of course it is recommended that you consult your attorney and/or review any agreement before signing contracts with anyone, but we do our best to make sure there is a simple understanding about what is going on, where, and basic language to describe it all.
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