The Importance of Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise

The importance of proper diet and exercise Importance of balanced diet: Each body part has its own set of nutritional requirements. Any deficiency in providing the nutritional delivery results in poor performance of that body part. For example, nerves start to relay painful and stinging sensations if there is a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Bones cannot absorb calcium if Vitamin D falls short. A balanced diet consists of all the required vitamins, minerals, calories, proteins that the body requires. When everything is delivered to the body, its functioning improves which, in turn, results in more happiness and zest for life. Importance of exercise: Muscles develop and retain their size and strength only when subjected to exercise. Inactive muscles lose shape and strength (muscle atrophy) which results in a weak and disease-susceptible body. Moreover, exercise leads to the stimulation of the various organs of the body through better blood flow and oxygen delivery. This helps the organs to achieve more efficiency in their operations. Exercise also acts against stress causing hormones and the process of ageing. Exercise and diet are two of the most important requirements of the body. Every effort should be made to fulfill these requirements on a daily and continuous basis. These are basic principles that we know but may not always adhere to. Take good care of your body, it is the only one you have.