How We Help Car Accident Shoulder Pain in Sherman Oaks

In the wake of a car accident, everything can seem different. Maybe some actions that were easy before are difficult now. By that same token, after a car accident, it can also feel like nothing changed. So many people emerge from a car accident feeling completely unscathed as if they weren’t hurt at all. Hopefully, that’s the case. However, many people who seem like they got out of a car accident with no injuries whatsoever eventually discover that they did suffer some kind of injury. When that happens, it’s natural to not know what to do. In this blog, we’ll cover how we can assist with car accident shoulder pain in Sherman Oaks.

Our Car Accident Shoulder Pain in Sherman Oaks Plan

To deal with shoulder pain that results from a car accident, we have many different physical therapy techniques we can utilize. To be clear, physical therapy treats the musculoskeletal system. That means that it treats and improves your joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and the like. We don’t treat broken bones necessarily; we do treat aches and pains. We don’t replace what a doctor or the emergency room does, but we can augment it. After you’ve been in a car accident, we strongly recommend that you go to a doctor or emergency room. Then, for ongoing care, give us a call or check out our site.

What We Can Help You Avoid

After a car accident, many people find themselves dealing with a new kind of pain they haven’t experienced before. Perhaps it’s a sharp, stabbing pain; or maybe it’s a dull ache. Regardless, people who have been through car accidents typically have pains that they haven’t experienced. Of course, it’s likely that they’ll be prescribed some kind of painkiller. That can take the edge off of the pain. However, there are so many side effects to painkillers nowadays; not the least of which is an addiction. Instead of dealing with everything that comes along with a painkiller, we recommend our chiropractors. That way, there’s no fear that you’ll overuse or over-rely on the painkillers. These treatments can help you to heal and overcome your pain without injecting yourself with potentially harmful medicine.

car accident shoulder pain treatment

Non-Invasive Care

The treatments at our Back to Wellness center are utterly non-invasive. That means that you won’t have to worry about being cut, or going under anesthesia, or anything like that. These treatments are meant to treat your body without the negative side effects that can be so common with surgery and similar actions. Those kinds of procedures, if unnecessary, can still lead to recovery issues and further injury. With our treatments, you don’t have that kind of downtime. You can come to us, go through massage therapy or a chiropractic session, and then get on with your day. We can tailor your treatment to your needs.

Healing Hidden Injuries

The injuries that you suffer from a vehicular accident may not be apparent at first. Sure, you may suffer a broken shoulder or other bones. Those will have to be set and healed by a doctor. However, many people who go through a car accident don’t have immediately obvious injuries like that. In fact, they may just have injuries that don’t appear for weeks or even months, and then suddenly, they become large and debilitating. That’s where our clinic can come in handy. Our professionals can examine you and figure out the best way to figure out how to deal with your emerging injury.

Then, our clinic experts can put together the right plan for you to fully recover. Many of our patients receive some kind of chiropractic services. This holistic approach can go a long way towards helping the body to fully heal and move past the accident. Additionally, our acupuncture has proven to be very effective for so many in overcoming their pain. Even Pilates can do wonders for helping someone who suffered an injury in an accident to regain all of their motor skills and functions. In fact, we even have specific, one on one “rehabilitation Pilates” sessions. These can give you the individualized, specific attention you need to recover fully from your injuries.

Going to a doctor and the emergency room after a car accident isn’t enough. Sure, it can help you with the immediate, obvious injuries in the wake of an accident. Unfortunately, those aren’t all the injuries that a person may suffer in an accident. For the rest of the injuries, as well as any injuries that may occur, our clinic can provide the answer. When headaches or the like set in, we can meet with you, assess your injuries, and then move forward with a customized plan that will help you to live your best life. To start the process, give us a call at (818) 985-2559 or head to our site.