How are Stress and Back Pain Related?

There are several theories about how stress and back pain are related. But these theories boil down to the fact that psychological and emotional aspects of our lives can cause some forms of physical changes in our body resulting in back pain.Back pain and stress

You’ll feel stressed out when you’ve a lot of things to handle. If stress happens frequently or it lasts too long, it can negatively affect your health. Holding stress in your body can affect your back so you’ll begin to stress your back muscles, thereby, triggering low back pain.

And when you have a back pain, you’ll begin to worry about it causing more stress. The tense muscles in your back can worry you more causing more pain in the back and so on and so forth.

How stress-related back pain is diagnosed?

At Back to Wellness Center, our patients undergo a thorough medical history and an in-depth physical examination. Patients with this condition experience symptoms, such as back pain or neck pain, muscle tender points, and fatigue. They also complain of feeling the pain when they move around.

In order to treat your back pain as a result of stress, you’ll have to eliminate stress first. Lifestyle choices can help you bounce back from stress. We have our resident nutritionist to give you some advice on how to eat the right foods that can nourish your body well, thereby, effectively fighting effects of stress.

Back pain and stressYou can also eliminate stress by getting enough sleep. Our massage therapist can touch those points in your body that are making it difficult for you to have a good night’s sleep. After a massage, you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed. At Back to Wellness Center, we don’t advocate the use of muscle relaxants. Instead, we use holistic approach in treating medical conditions. For your back pain, our certified chiropractor will check your spine and re-align it to make sure that it’s not causing you pain.

Our wellness center is a one-stop shop that will take care of your needs. We can help you treat those physical and emotional factors that have been causing you a lot of stress that triggers back pain. By fixing those issues, you can finally live a back pain-free life. We also provide therapy and counseling to further relieve you from stress.

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