Find a Post-Car Accident Chiropractor in Studio City

The aftermath of a car accident can cause physical problems, including hidden injuries which may affect your mobility. You may not even know, initially, that you have been hurt, and only realize the full impact of your injuries when you start to suffer from unbearable or limiting pain. Our clinics will work with you to assess your problems, and give you clear instructions on how to recover full motion, or relieve problems such as arthritis. It may be necessary to get help soon after the incident with a post-car accident Chiropractor in Studio City, in order to rule out potentially serious problems later on.

Treatments for Car Accident Victims

In the first weeks after your accident, you will probably have gone to your doctor, requesting treatment for pain, headaches or stiffness. Pain medication may not resolve all of your symptoms, and soon you could be facing large quantities of pain relief or even surgery. Rather than take a risk on these therapies, you should instead consider chiropractic. At Back to Wellness, we offer an holistic approach which may be less harmful than medical intervention, and could help you to resolve your problems.

Post-Car Accident Chiropractor in Studio City

A Holistic Approach

Part of your medical treatment may have involved immobilization of limbs, or even the use of neck braces. While this is suitable in the early stages after an accident, weeks and months of immobilization may cause the limbs to become painful or stiff. You may even have received no treatment after the accident, instead coming to us after a number of weeks. We will not provide you with pain pills, and instead our chiropractic clinic will practice the use of other treatments to help you recover.

Recovery from Injury

We want to focus upon helping you to recover from your injury without having to resort to unnecessary surgery. We can also help you if you have been overusing pain medication in order to feel some relief from your agony. We believe in targeting the source of your pain, rather than treating symptoms, and we can provide you with a great service today. In the aftermath of an accident, our post-car accident Chiropractor in Studio City can help you to recover from injury and move away from the sources of pain. You can find out more by calling us today on (818) 985-2559, or you could also contact us using our online form.