Creating a Plan for Chiropractic Therapy in Los Angeles

No one relishes the idea of waking up every morning and feeling pain instead of feeling well-rested and ready for the day. The back, neck, shoulder or leg pain you have felt for weeks is not getting better on its own and is completely disrupting your life. You find you have trouble getting up and down from chairs, have trouble moving at work and cannot get any sleep at all each night, making every day worse and worse. It is time for you to take some action and do something about the chronic pain you experience. When you come to us at Back to Wellness Center, we can help you create a plan for chiropractic therapy in Los Angeles that will provide you with the relief you are seeking.

A Combination of Solutions

Many people are under the misconception that when they see a chiropractor, it is only to work on back problems and that treatment involves manipulation of the spine alone. The truth is that a chiropractor will provide you with comprehensive treatment for your pain and uses a variety of approaches to help you get there. After receiving an initial exam from one of our licensed and experienced chiropractors, you will talk with the chiropractor about the problems they perceive and come up with a plan that addresses the issues. These solutions can involve several options.

The Approach to Therapy

At Back to Wellness Center, when you see us for chiropractic therapy in Los Angeles we will provide you with therapy that can help relieve your pain, give you back the range of motion you have lost and help the damaged tissue you have to heal properly. Our approach involves more than just spinal manipulation; we will work closely with you and use massage therapy, a proper exercise program, and other techniques all designed to work towards correcting what ails you the most.

Start with an Evaluation

The best place to start your chiropractic therapy in Los Angeles is with an evaluation with us at Back to Wellness Center. You can schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors when you call our office at 818-985-2559 and speak with one of our team members. You can book an appointment for a consultation and evaluation so you can get examined, talk about your pain issues and start working on a plan designed just for you to help you feel better.