Conservative care of ankle sprain

Conservative care intensely focuses on establishing the cause of pain and its treatment using physical therapy, massage, medication, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other non-surgical means.

The process primarily involves providing rest and protection to the affected area to induce tissue healing. Rest also acts against swelling and aggravation of the injury. This is an important period in the treatment process; during this process it is advised not to indulge in activities which put stress on the affected area, but pain-free and limited movement of the ankle is helpful in the healing process. From thereon, the process of healing is taken forward by ice application for pain and spasm control. Ice packs are not used directly on the skin; a towel or a similar article is used to wrap the ice and place it over the sprained area. Compression and elevation are the next processes of conservative care. Ankle sleeve and lace-up ankle support is used for compression, and at times, compression is further supplemented by high top lace-up shoes. Depending upon the requirements of individual cases, braces and air splints are used for short as well as long durations. Once the inflammation subsides, range of motion exercises are implemented to regain and restore proper flexibility of the joint. Conservative Care The last phase of care involves strengthening and reeducation of the muscles of the foot. It is important to note that ligaments are not very elastic and once stretched, the joint becomes vulnerable to re-injury. Proper stability is a vital part of the recovery process. If you have any questions regarding an ankle injury feel free to email us or fill out our contact form!

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