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The difference between a strain vs. sprain

We commonly hear of injuries referred to as a strain or a sprain. These two words sound the same but have a different meaning. A strain refers to a muscle or tendon that has been injured. Tendons attach muscles to bones. These injuries heal between 4-8 weeks. A sprain refers to a ligament that has been injured. A ligament attaches bones together and lacks the circulation that is needed for a speedy recovery. Ligaments once stretched do not have contractile fibers and will remain stretched. A sprain will heal between 4-6 months. So although these two words sound the same, the difference can mean a speedy recovery or a long road ahead.

Neck pain? Here are some tips to help.

Do Daily Stretches to Relieve Neck Pain

Do you ever have neck pains? Do you feel like your neck is so stiff that you can barely turn your head? At times these pains start slowly without any specific injury and are unnoticeable.

Today, doctors recommend the best treatment is movement rather than resting. (

There is now scientific evidence that stretching and strengthening heals pains faster and reduces the likeliness of developing chronic pain. Patients with chronic pain, or long-term pain, also benefited from stretching and strengthening when compared with standard treatment with pain medication.

Taking the First Steps:

Make sure you are sleeping on the proper pillow and mattress. Try not to sleep on your stomach. Your neck will be an extension which can cause discomfort and pain in the neck.

Take short breaks in between long computer sessions. (Every 45 minutes). Stand and stretch for a few minutes. Neck rolls and shoulder rolls help loosen the upper back and decrease muscle spasms.

Incorporate stretching into your daily routine. Perform strengthening exercises like Brugger’s Exercises to counter the effects of poor posture. Ask our doctors and therapists what are the proper stretching exercises for you!

Pain while sitting at a computer? Find out why!

Sitting at a computer seems like such an easy task. Why is it that some people have pain while doing it? Pain is a signal sent by irritated structures to the brain which then sends us a message that there is a pain in that area. When muscles are being overused or improperly used they will emit pain to prompt you to change positions. If you don’t change position then the body will develop knots or scar tissue over these muscles to reduce the amount of time the muscle has to be used. This leads to a cascade of events which can result in chronic pain, poor posture and early degenerative changes.

Treatment is simple!

1. Reduce the knots and scar tissue on the muscle.

2. Re-educate the muscle and posture.

3. Maintain good posture or stretch regularly.

Ask our doctors for specifics on this treatment plan since each individual is different

What is the popping noise chiropractic adjustments make? Snap! Crackle! Pop! Ahh… all the wonderful noises our joints make!

Ever wonder what is that popping noise you hear when the spine is aligned by a chiropractic adjustment?

The noise is a function of joint cavitation or in other words, loosening up of a joint. The adjustment takes two spinal segments and creates some distance between them. This increased distance allows gas trapped within the joints to escape, which causes the popping sound. Following the adjustment, the joint has more space to move and fewer structures are crowded. This is why after an adjustment you can feel like pressure was taken off your spine.

Now you know why those popping noises feel so good.