Chiropractic and Massage Treatment

Our patients at the Back to Wellness Center benefit a lot from combining chiropractic and massage treatment as these two therapies work simultaneously. This is to create a synergistic effect that will result in faster recovery time.

Chiropractic care offers long-lasting results. However, if it’s paired with a massage treatment, the results can last even longer. The reason for this is that the muscle tension in your body has been released which might have pulled your spine out of alignment. That said, we always recommend or combine chiropractic and massage treatments as they complement each other

These two treatments are forms of health care with the goal of providing you with the right treatment options for your total well-being. They both offer drug-free techniques. They can also be used as a restorative and a preventative therapy. Combining them will help you enjoy your life to the fullest and maintain good health.

Most of the time, a massage treatment is performed first before chiropractic treatments. This offers a more effective adjustment. The reason for this is that our body tends to become so stiff. With this in mind, your body resists the adjustments made by chiropractic.

Now, when it relaxes through a massage, our chiropractic can easily realign your spine

Chiropractic treatment is also ideal for physical injuries, like if you got in a car accident. If you got injured from gardening, sports or other activities, a chiropractic treatment is the right one for you.

To allow your body to heal faster and more effectively, your body’s immune system must be stimulated through a massage to encourage proper blood circulation. Because a massage increases the blood flowing to your different body organs, it can relieve headaches. With chiropractic and massage, you can have an improved blood circulation that decreases pain. And this is why these two must be paired almost all the time.

Chiropractic and Massage Treatment in Studio City

Spinal Distress

Are you experiencing a tingling sensation in your legs, arms or shoulder? It could be caused by a spinal problem that must be addressed immediately. With the help of a chiropractic treatment and a massage therapy, your problem can be corrected and your natural energy will be restored.Chiropractic and Massage Treatment in Studio City

There are many techniques of chiropractic and massage therapy. Each of them can be applied depending on the patient’s needs.

In other words, some cases can’t be treated by chiropractic care alone and vice versa. For that reason, these two therapies are combined to get their full benefits.

If you think that your condition can be improved with chiropractic and massage treatment, contact our office today to make an initial consultation with our chiropractor and massage therapist 818-985-2559