Back to Wellness Center – Full Service Wellness

Back to Wellness Center offers a full service wellness performed by high-skilled, well-trained professionals. Below you’ll find the services we offer and a brief introduction of each service. Physical Therapy Our physical therapy programs aim to help you get back to your job and living a life without the pain as the result of an

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complete wellness center

Holistics Approach with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an important treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s been used for thousands of years in treating various illnesses. For those who like holistics approach, opting for this method is ideal. Holistics Approach with Acupuncture at Back to Wellness Center At Back to Wellness Center, we include this Chinese therapy as needed. We

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Relax your body and mind with a massage therapy

These days with ever increasing levels of stress, it seems imperative that massage therapy is gaining immense popularity. People are looking to massage therapy for more than relaxation. Massage therapy can improve a variety of health problems like insomnia, back pain, arthritis even injuries. Cortisol is the stress inducing hormone. Its major role is in

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