Car Accident Chiropractor in Studio City

You May Need a Car Accident Chiropractor in Studio City

If you have been involved in a car accident, you are likely feeling a mix of emotions right away. Naturally you are relived that you survived the accident, but you may also feel anxiety about how you are going to deal with everything, get your car repaired and figure out what to do about the

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Post Auto Accident – Which is Better Physical Therapy or Chiropractor?

After an auto accident, you’ll feel a sense of distress. Just like any type of accidents, a car accident can cause adrenaline rush. Afterwards, you’ll begin to feel discomfort and soreness. But, sometimes, you won’t feel it immediately after the accident. Victims of auto accidents would usually go to the emergency room. However, most of

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Slip disc treatment

What Can Be Cured with Chiropractic?

Most patients who visit our Back to Wellness Clinic in California frequently ask us “what can be cured with chiropractic?” We always reply with “a lot.” Our licensed chiropractors can help diagnose and treat various spinal disorders. But they don’t just look at you and make a diagnosis. Instead, they perform a thorough examination involving

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Licensed Chiropractor

Manual Adjustments with Chiropractor Doran Hendelman D.C.

Manual adjustments with chiropractor Doran Henderlman D.C. are a common therapeutic treatment available at Back to Wellness Center. The main goal of these adjustments is to apply a form of manipulation to your vertebrae with abnormal movement patterns. They’re also ideal for vertebrae that fail to function properly or normally. Thousands of people in the

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neck massage

Advantages of Taking Physical Therapy for Your Health

There are several advantages of taking physical therapy for your health. It’s especially beneficial for pain management. Overview Patients with chronic back pain are usually recommended to undergo physical therapy sessions. PT is considered as a low-risk solution to treat different types of medical conditions. Physical therapy can help patients in returning to their physical

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