One of the Best Chiropractics Wellness Center

Back and neck are the most common complaints when our patients seek the help of one of the best chiropractics at Back to Wellness Center. Chiropractic care is considered a holistic therapy that mainly focuses on keeping your musculoskeletal and nervous systems as healthy as possible to ensure your overall wellness. Our chiropractor, Dr. Doran

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Accident Recovery

A Chiropractor to Help with Auto Accident Recovery

Being involved in an auto accident is certainly a traumatic experience for you. While you were able to survive the accident you may have sustained injuries that can linger for a long time. Finding the right type of regular treatment for these injuries can be a challenge for you, particular if they involve your back,

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Chiropractic and Massage Treatment

Our patients at the Back to Wellness Center benefit a lot from combining chiropractic and massage treatment as these two therapies work simultaneously. This is to create a synergistic effect that will result in faster recovery time. Chiropractic care offers long-lasting results. However, if it’s paired with a massage treatment, the results can last even

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What Makes Chiropractor Dr. Doran Different From His Competitors?

Dr. Doran is a well-respected chiropractor in America. He based his treatment plan to the philosophy that a person’s body is unique. Thus, each patient should have a unique approach to achieve proper healing. One Stop Shop Unlike other chiropractors, Dr. Doran does not work alone. He’ll refer you to his network of physicians whenever

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Professional massage

Pregnancy Chiropractor in Studio City

A lot of our patients would come to our pregnancy chiropractor clinic asking if it’s safe to undergo a chiropractic treatment. We’d tell them that it’s not only safe, but it’s also highly beneficial before, during and after pregnancy. Our chiropractor, Dr. Doran Hendelman, is specially trained in treating pregnant women. He also specializes in

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Slip disc treatment

What Can Be Cured with Chiropractic?

Most patients who visit our Back to Wellness Clinic in California frequently ask us “what can be cured with chiropractic?” We always reply with “a lot.” Our licensed chiropractors can help diagnose and treat various spinal disorders. But they don’t just look at you and make a diagnosis. Instead, they perform a thorough examination involving

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Licensed Chiropractor

Manual Adjustments with Chiropractor Doran Hendelman D.C.

Manual adjustments with chiropractor Doran Henderlman D.C. are a common therapeutic treatment available at Back to Wellness Center. The main goal of these adjustments is to apply a form of manipulation to your vertebrae with abnormal movement patterns. They’re also ideal for vertebrae that fail to function properly or normally. Thousands of people in the

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Car Accident Recovery Specialist in Los Angeles

Get Back to Wellness Center has a resident car accident recovery specialist in Los Angeles. Our specialist understands that after a car accident injury, the pain is not just physically exhausting exhaust but it is also mentally draining. There are different types of car accident injuries and each of them can be handled by our

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Professional Acupuncture Solutions for Chronic Muscle Pain Valley Village

The Back To Wellness Center | Acupuncture Solution in Valley Village, CA The Back To Wellness Center in Valley Village, California offers patients suffering of chronic muscle pain an acupuncture solution that integrates the most efficient and complete treatment plan. Simply put, the acupuncture solutions for chronic back pain at The Back To Wellness Center

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