Car Accident Recovery or Work Injuries

At the Back to Wellness center, we provide drug-free services for evaluations, treatments and rehabilitation. If you were involved in an auto accident or work-related injury, you are entitled to receive chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy or physical therapy treatments.

In the US, anyone with a car must have auto-insurance. In most cases, the insurance covers personal injury protection. This is regardless of who is at fault. This protection may cover at least $15,000 of all the expenses reported by your healthcare provider.

Car Accident Recovery

Damage to the body

During a car accident or work injury, your body experiences a certain form of trauma. A sudden impact may cause your vertebra to shift resulting in misalignment of your spine. It can start a process of damage in your body that can spread.

Because every aspect in your body is interconnected, a misaligned spine as a result of car accident or work injury can lead to bigger problems.

Should you still seek help when you feel better after the accident?

The damage to your body caused by the accident may not manifest pain at first. However, as the condition worsens, you will feel excruciating pain that cannot be easily alleviated with the use of medicines.

For that reason, it is important to ensure that there are no underlying issues associated with the accident or injuries. To ensure that, you should seek treatment. The sooner it is addressed, the faster the injury will heal and you will get better.

Who will pay for your treatment?

At the Back to Wellness center, we will automatically bill your auto-insurance provider or whoever is responsible for the payment of your care. Most of our patients who come to our clinic to seek fast recovery from car accident and work injury do not make out-of-pocket payment for the services they receive from us.

The road to recovery after a car accident will include adjusting your spine and healing your tissues. Our different drug-free services will encourage proper healing to the damaged muscles and tissues.

You will also undergo some exercises to strengthen the areas that have been affected by the accident or injury. These exercises aim to improve your range of motion.

At Back to Wellness center, we have the necessary tools and health professionals who can walk you through this difficult time. We have almost everything that you need to help you heal and completely recover.

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