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“Burbank Wellness” – BACK TO WELLNESS CENTER is a full-service outpatient Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Facility. We are committed to providing quality care to Burbank, and are committed to guiding each and every individual to total wellness.

Here at BACK TO WELLNESS CENTER we are devoted to caring for our patients with the utmost attention we can possibly offer, and are committed to working with them until their bodies are in balance. We understand that no two people are alike and therefore approach each and every person as a unique individual. Our goal is to help you heal, strengthen and grow both mentally and physically. By listening with compassion, treating with expertise, guiding and supporting with great care, we are one hundred percent committed to our goal. physical-therapy-burbank

We focus on treating the entire being and believe that wellness is attained when the body and mind are in balance. For that reason at Back to wellness we utilize many different Physical Therapy and rehabilitation techniques such as Pilates Massage and Acupuncture. Burbank Pilates is a non-Impact method of strengthening, stretching and rehabilitating muscles while eliminating tension and strain from your body. Burbank acupuncture is said to helps relieve chronic back pain better than standard care such as medications or physical therapy. Burbank Massages provide numerous benefits for the body not just blissed-out. Researchers are finding that physical massages can lessen depression, lower blood pressure and even improve immunity. Physical Therapy Burbank treats the musculoskeletal system: bones, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and the interaction with physical movement. Our Burbank Chiropractor will explain the science behind how chiropractic care works, and give you a full evaluation to see if chiropractic care is right for you. If there is a good fit, we can develop a plan of chiropractic care that is specific to your condition and health goals.

Our mission here at BACK TO WELLNESS CENTER is to help all our patients realize stronger, healthier bodies than they ever thought possible.

Physical Therapy Burbank