October 17, 2014

Chiropractic services

Chiropractic at our clinic inChiropractic servicescludes a wide scope of services, aimed to restore and preserve your general health, with the special focus on your spine and related tissues, such as the muscles that support the spine. Thus, the cornerstone of chiropractic are various manual procedures. By applying pressure to certain areas around your spine, our skilled, experienced, and highly-educated chiropractors will adjust your spine and the neighboring tissues, thus strengthening your spine and helping your health in more than way. The manual chiropractic procedures comprise some other techniques as well, but in general, most of this is aimed at helping the spine and the neighboring muscles. The main idea behind our approach is to achieve what is called core stabilization. In short, core stabilization refers to strengthening the muscles that support the spine, which is crucial for long-term spine health and back-pain prevention. In order to achieve this, we instruct our patients to practice special exercises that will help them strengthen and stabilize the spine.


We know that health is something that requires constant effort in order to be fully preserved. That is why we believe that providing patients with proper education and giving them knowledge and skills required to maintain their health is very important. In order to maximize the effects of their visit to our clinic, every patient is advised to adopt healthier life approach, especially in terms of spine health. The patients are educated about the importance of good posture, and thought how to maintain it. By respecting the guidelines received during the visit to our chiropractors, they are guaranteed to make most from their visit. We also very much focus on the importance of nutrition and lifestyle, and instruct our patients what changes to make in order to improve their spine and general health.

We also offer emergency chiropractic services. They include wide array of procedures, but the most common reason that makes our patients ask for emergency chiropractic service is severe pain that demands urgent relief.


Written by Doran Hendelman D.C.

Article written by Doran Hendelman D.C.

Doran Hendelman holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College and his technique ranges from manual adjustments to low force technique. Dr. Hendelman is committed to treating the body as a whole and by integrating chiropractic with other forms of therapy he helps patients realize stronger and healthier bodies.

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